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Student Engagement

Ask, Pause, Call Good instructors engage their students during the training. Inexperienced instructors struggle to learn ways to involve their students. A simple, yet effective method is Ask, Pause, Call. Every instructor has experienced the long silence after asking a

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Don’t Kill Your Audience with a Deck of Death

Today’s Topic “Hi. I’m your expert instructor here to teach you how to be an expert almost as good as me. Next slide.” “So you can see here all that we are going to cover over our period of training.

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Oh No! Mandatory Training!

Mandatory refresher training…the bane of every instructor. Frequently the trainer is provided a lesson plan and a slide deck, a period of time to fill and appropriate training facilities (maybe). The instructor is expected to stand before the group of

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Better Presentations

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a terrific training presented by Jon Blum of Force Concepts. One thing that set his training apart from others I have attended was his slide deck. He followed two simple rules to

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Practice, Practice the Practical Exercise

One of the joys of being Chief Instructor at a military school house is the time I shared with instructor trainees during their final presentations becoming qualified Army Instructors. During one memorable presentation, the student instructor engaged classmates with two

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Inspire Others to Go Forth and do Good

As the hour draws to a close the speaker comments on what a great bunch your group has been. She was so concerned things would not go well because she was not sure what she had to offer would meet

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