From 2016

12/31/16  WOW!  Last day and post of the year.  It has gone by fast.  I look forward to posting more regularly here and sharing my thoughts on leading and training.  Thanks to all my readers, particularly those of you who take the extra few moments to comment and contact me.

11/20/16  Found this today.  Great explanation of how Type Bs can be great leaders and people.

11/13/16  I was asked to share my speaker notes on goal setting after a couple of recent classes.  You can find them at

10/10/16  Dan always has something good to say about leadership.  I find this complemented my recent post of encouraging leaders to get out of the office so their followers would have access to bring them their problems.

9/30/16  In 2013 I decided to start this blog as a way to test the waters on some ideas I’ve had relating to leadership and training issues.  I had recently retired from one of my two jobs, but was not yet ready to RETIRE.  I thought I would like to train others be become better trainers and leaders in their organizations.  Just a few months later I was selected for promotion into the most senior ranks of my second job.  My blog goal was to publish something two times each month.  My promotion carried with it an expectation to attend and complete a two year, hybrid online and residential training and education program  at a premier leadership institution.  The course was tough and time consuming.  I did lots of writing, but not for my blog.  In fact my blog writing fell to the few moments here or there when I had a short break between terms.  I completed my studies this week and look forward to sharing what I learned about leadership in this blog as well as lessons on becoming a better trainer.  This month is the first time in a long time I’ve published two posts.  I look to continue that in the future.  To those of you who had become regular readers, I hope you will continue to enjoy my work.  For those of you who just found me, welcome.  I am sure you will find plenty of nuggets here to improve your leadership and training of adult learners.

9/5/16  For the last couple years I’ve been exploring mentoring as a way of leading without at title.  I found this on today and wanted to share it.  I have not had time to view all eight videos, but will over then next couple of weeks.

8/19/16    Off and running.  I posted a new blog today on respect and forgiveness.  Others are up on the word processor.  Check back soon.  As always, I look forward to your comments and feedback.

8/12/16   I’m back. Several years ago I started this blog to share things I’ve learned about training and leading others hoping future trainers and leaders would learn and make different mistakes than I did. A couple of years ago I receive a promotion requiring an intense distance learning requirement lasting two years. I hoped to continue to blog through this period of time, but found working full-time and completing my course work and trying to live a life was just too much and my blog lost to the rest of my priorities. Well I have finished the distance learning portion of my training which allows me time to dedicate to sharing my leadership and training lessons again. I do have a residential module I must complete for my training but I do not foresee that interfering with new posts soon. I hope those of you who followed me before will continue to find new things here and will tell your connections to pay this site a visit.

5/8/16  Picked this up from linked in today during a study break.

3/24/16  Still plugging away from my school work, but I found this today and thought I would share it.

1/16/16  WOW 2016 already!  I have been rather busy with my course work on leadership.  I have thought of posting some of my papers here, but I feel they are too long for what I want to post and too industry specific.  I think many of the principals of the papers cross all lines, the the applications discussed; not so much.  Stay tuned though.  I expect to be back on a regular posting schedule no later than Labor Day.  I am hoping to have a few short posts between now and then.