From 2013

12/30/13 A great and true lesson about leadership; you have to be there.!

11/29 John Maxwell emailed me this blog today. I share it because it supports what I wrote in my Three Pitches blog several weeks ago.

11/25/13 I just read this really great blog on reducing stress. Hope you enjoy it as well:

11/24/13 I have posted my training blog today about developing practical exercises. I will be posting a short presentation on SlideShare early next week to accompany this blog. I will update the blog when the presentation becomes available. Thanks for reading.

11/21/13 I will be posting my newest blog on training by Monday. I always welcome feedback and suggestions for topics. Click on the comment link or shoot me an email.

9/11/13: I have a deck posted on SlideShare to complement my Training Ethics: Ethically Training blog I posted earlier this week. You can check it out at

Every so often I have various ideas and comments that are not blogworthy, but would like to discuss. For those who chose, keep your eyes peeled and feel free to voice your thoughts. I enjoy discussions with those who do not necessarily agree with me so long as it is done in a respectful fashion.

So to begin, I decided to start developing short slide shows to go with my blogs. You can check them out on my SlideShare page @

My first blog related presentation was just posted. This deck follows my blog Inspire others to go forth and do good. I look forward to your response.