From 2017

12/21/18  We, us, and our are powerful magic leadership word. Read more:

11/22/17  I have not been very active in the quips page this year as live has been rather busy.  I found this today though and thought it matched my message well in my 1000 WORDS post.

9/13/17  Simon Sinek’s new book Start with Why is out.  Follow the link to learn more about WHY.

7/2/17  Found this piece on sentence construction.  Hope you enjoy it.

6/25/17  I’ve written several times on achieving more by setting goals.  I set out this year to publish two blogs each month.  If you look, you will see I have yet to accomplish that, however, I have managed to publish one blog each month.  Lets face it, the reason I have not accomplished my goal is because I have not elected to use my time to write, but to do other things.  I have published monthly this year though which is still better than many aspiring writers who dream to write one day.  The difference between dreaming about something and doing something is action.  Thanks for reading and returning.

5/12/17  I found this short blog entry on blogging.  Thought others would enjoy

2/4/17  January breezed by without a post.  I am working on one right now and expect it to be up before the end of the weekend.  I’ve been reading Ken Blanchard’s Leadership and the One Minute Manager.  I found recently working with a group of my middle level leaders, many had little understanding of goal setting, nor heard of Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model.  I’ve spend a good deal of the month putting together some training together for them.  Want to learn more about Blanchards’ SLII model?  Click here