From 2019 & 2020

11/30/20 I got tired of Windows 10 asking me to finish setting up the system. I have everything set up the way I like it. Like some of you, I do not want to share more with MicroSoft or other developers. So I used Duck Duck Go to help me find a way to shut off those requests. I found the answer at this link.  Look for my new post later today.   12/9/19 An interview I did for the Northeast Kingdom Local Access Channel about the Caledonia Children’s Advocacy Center. 9/10/19  Good leaders are also good managers. Not all good managers are good leaders. Managing your time well is an indicator of how well you manage other things. I found this little gem today.  Enjoy. I am always looking to learn more about leadership. I’ve been following Dan Rockwell for a few years now. His blog is short and inspiring. Today he features some new reading.  Leaders set and maintain standards.  Change takes time, but it also takes discipline.  As leaders enforce compliance with standards and hire people into organizations with high principles, compliance becomes voluntary.    4/19/19  When I started this page in 2013, I wanted to reach out and share information with trainers and leaders.  I strongly believe that people organizations select to conduct training for them are by default leaders in that organization.  It does not matter whether the trainer is an outside expert, a well-respected, seasoned veteran in the organization, or a new guy who just completed a week-long conference on the topic du jour.  Instructors are expected to influence their audience to take action which makes them leaders.     I wanted to alternate posts between formal leadership, and instructor development.  I hate standing through a class on a topic that should be interesting but find myself sleeping in when I sit because the instructor cannot teach.  I found there is greater demand for teaching leadership and supervision topics over training trainers.  April is supposed to be a leadership post, and it will be.  The May post will also be on leadership and supervision as well, and every post after that.      If I find there is interest from followers about reviving my instructor posts, I will start a new page.  I am learning that people expect a single focus for blogs.  A new page permits me to focus on leadership here and training in the new one should there be a need.     Please let me know what you think about dropping the instruction advise.  Go to the CONTACT page to send me a message.   4/4/19  In my February post, I talked about ways to transform bad habits into better or more desired habits.  I found this little piece about how some people are better able to resist temptation.  The bottom line is it is easy to resist temptation when you avoid temptation. Hey I just found another great website for free images, Unsplash.  They have their own license that is pretty much like Creative Commons and other open source licenses.  Their only exception is you may not use their photos to create your own photo website.  One thing I really like about this site is the attribution information is in the title of each photo.  I had started early on renaming the photos I downloaded for this blog with the attribution information, so I would always have it and be able to give credit to the photographer even if the license did not require it.  Unlike PXhere, Upsplash provides photographers credit.  It is rare on PXhere to find attribution information.  The link is     2/12/19 Welcome to the revised website. I’ve revamped things hoping to improve navigation, and your ability to contact me about your thoughts, concerns, and training needs. I look forward to your feedback. I decided several months back that it seems better to prepare longer posts providing greater detail, rather than shorter posts that only introduce and idea. I noticed early on that I seemed to increase the number of views and comments. I hope that is an indicator that the new format if favorable for readers and visits and views continue to increase.