From 2015

6/2/15  I found this on LinkedIn today.  If larger police forces returned to these principals I think they would find their jobs of policing their communities easier.

2/12/15 I am working on a new post for this month.  I will be returning to the story of the newly elected non-profit organization officers and what and how to train them to be effective.

1/15/15 Hey some good discussion on what leadership is in the Leadership Think Tank on LinkedIn.  Join the conversation by clicking on the link:

1/11/15 I had the honor to spend some time with real Amerrican heros this weekend.  Visted with some of my old Soldiers who have moved into leadership positions. I is amazing to see how they have grown and matured and earned the respect of their Soldiers.

1/6/15  Found this great little piece on my Reader.  Webinars are becoming easier to do.  There are plenty of choices to provide distance learning opportunities.  While Guila focuses her comments on distance learning, the tips apply to all presentations.

1/2/15  I’ve posted several items of achieving goals, so you probably have guessed that I spend some time looking for ways to achieve goals easier.  I found this piece this morning.  I think it offers some insight worth sharing and investigating further.