Assorted Thoughts, Quips & Notes

2/28/22 End of February already. The post for the next installment of building trust as a leader will be published soon. More stuff to do and fewer days to do them resulted in getting a little behind on writing, although, given there are two or three fewer days, I’m not that far behind.

1/27/22 Welcome to 2022. I will be posting my first blog in a few days. We will continue to study trust. In November, I introduced my latest concept and reflections on trust as the cornerstone for leadership and character. The coming post will examine the first facet of the cornerstone of trust, communication.

I would like to thank all my regular readers, followers, and subscribers for reading what I write. Some of you provided feedback of the years. I read every comment, well, those that are in English. My website received more views last year than any preceding year by a bunch. I am grateful so many of you choose to turn to my ramblings on leadership to educate yourselves. I hope you also implement my teachings so you become better leaders. Please let me know how your leadership journey is going and what lessons you need to move forward.

I do offer training and coaching for leaders and organizations. I don’t charge $50K to help you. I consider the capacity of the organizations and individuals seeking my services. Cash is but one way to measure wealth. Your group or organization maybe able to offer some other method of payment that provides value. The only way to find out if we can work together is for you to reach out.

You can connect with me on my contact page in the link above. You are also welcome to email me at info at saintcyrtraining dot com.