Easter Sunday

It is Easter morning. I wake to the sound of praying. The voice is familiar. The voice reminds all within hearing distance that today is a holy day. That day I learned the power of prayer.

The previous days had been filled with challenges. Routine things like a trip to the post office, shopping at the store and driving around had become difficult around the city. As a result of some of the problems facing the city, my team and I found ourselves working extra hours, long hours, with little sleep that was often disturbed. We had lost sight of the fact that it was Holy Week and the approach of Easter

It is always hard to be away from family and loved ones during holidays, but during this Easter I found myself surrounded by great people. I had not yet learned how courageous, caring and professional many of them were, but in the coming weeks and months I was to learn all that and lots more about many of them. If I could not be home for Easter, this people were the people I am glad to have been with.

I have noticed since that Easter Sunday, I go to church a little less often, but find I pray more, quietly when others won’t notice. I’ve learned to be grateful for everyday I can get out of bed on my own. There are still times when things happen that cause me to feel angry or sad. Even then I try to remember that no one has tried to kill me today. When I share that sentiment, people look at me like there should be a punch line. There isn’t.P1000179

On that Easter Sunday I woke to prayer. Yes the voice was familiar, but the words were not. Five times each day this Imam prayed. On this Easter Sunday we prayed for peace. Since then I may act a little grumpy from time-to-time, I may not always share with those I love how much they mean to me; since then, I pray more, and am grateful for the blessings God has granted me. On this day our prayers were answered.

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